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A company that truly values its relationship with its audience and always wants to improve and enrich it should seriously consider a customer incentive program. Receiving gifts and esteem consistently gives your employees and/or clients proof that you value their work, their loyalty, and your relationship. If you want to start building a long-term relationship, and a stronger and truer bond with your audience, you should start as soon as possible.


CLV means Customer Lifetime Value. It is a metric used to measure how much money a customer is going to spend throughout their relationship with a company.

Since a loyal customer is the one that spends the greatest amount of money, it is very important to have the highest CLV possible; and one of the most effective ways to do so is through gift cards and loyalty programs.


API stands for Application Programming Interface, it is an intermediatory software that allows different apps, platforms, and hardware to interact with each other. Our REST API in Roiward makes it easy for any service, company, or device to be connected to our services, in a standard and easy way. It is an automated process and thus allows to save time, increase efficiency, and most of all increase security. If you want to know more about APIs and how they work, check this article.


Our platform allows purchasing gift cards in blocks instantly. We offer more than 700 voucher providers to choose from, depending on what you need and what you are looking for.

We take care of all the bureaucratic procedures and the relationship with the providers, saving you time and money.

We work behind the scenes to provide your audience with the vouchers, but they will not know it is us managing the process. They will receive a gift card from your business on your platform.

Roiward is a B2B digital platform that allows companies to manage their incentive marketing campaigns offering greater control, traceability, and ROI. We are pioneers in Europe in offering millions of physical products at no delivery cost.


When a company wants to conduct a marketing campaign to increase fidelity, loyalty, or customer acquisition, it would contact a traditional incentive marketing agency. Those campaigns can be lengthy, expensive, would use physical gift cards, and have no traceability.

We developed a digital platform that allows companies to create and visualize B2B incentive marketing campaigns. We understood the importance of having a catalog platform of over 700 digital vouchers in 8 countries that allows visualizing the status of each voucher (including unredeemed ones). The retrieval of unredeemed vouchers and the option to ship products directly from the Amazon marketplace is connected to our API. Using our platform, companies can decide when to run a campaign, for how long, and what they want to offer as a reward. Be it digital vouchers or physical products.


From Roiward we offer you the possibility to choose products from our catalog, which is classified in:

  • Pet Store
  • Telecommunications
  • Optical Store
  • Book Store
  • Fast Food & Restaurants
  • Multibrand & Marketplaces
  • Home Furniture
  • Beauty Care
  • Childcare
  • Charity
  • Fashion
  • Drugstores & Healthcare
  • Electronics
  • Leisure
  • Petrol and Transport
  • Grocery Stores
  • Sport
  • Travel


Gift cards are the best tool to have a good incentive program for your business. It has been demonstrated that the psychological effect and gratitude of the receiver are maximized, while the effort from the company is minimum. Their flexibility and ease of delivery make them the perfect item. Moreover, digital vouchers give you the opportunity to have traceability of incentives, statistics on their redemption, and a more efficient ROI. If you want to know more about the digitalization of incentive marketing, check this article.


When you decide to invest in an “old-style” or traditional agency customer incentive program you should know that a significant percentage of your money is going to waste.

We are talking about at least 30% of your investment!

Whether the people who received it forgot to spend the physical gift card before it expired or they were not interested in using it, you paid for it beforehand and you cannot have your money back.

Do you know that with ROIWARD you can get back a part of your non-redeemed vouchers? Choose us and you will get a good part of your investment back. You won’t have to pay for everything beforehand, and you will have the chance to see when your gift cards and vouchers are being used. We are capable of purchasing everything for you the moment that your audience is about to use the vouchers you provided them; thus, you will be able to pay in installments. This way you will not buy what you do not need, saving money, but you will also receive back part of the money from the expired non-redeemed vouchers!


We are the only ones to offer you the chance to create your personalized physical catalog rewards on Amazon. This option defends risky investments and saves you from having expensive warehouses, allowing you to modify the catalog whenever you want. With Amazon’s great availability of goods, you can have any product that you want, without worrying about any management problems or logistic difficulties. And the delivery costs are zero!

Our technology and incredible staff make us unique in the market of loyalty programs, as well as some special options that we offer our clients.

We are also the first and only ones to offer the option to choose trips and travels as a recompense for your employees, clients, and new customers. With us, you can truly reward your employees, making them feel truly appreciated and highly regarded.


What is truly innovative is that you will have the possibility to directly pay for Gift Cards, without endless bargains and agreements with the supplier, but most of all you will have the opportunity to know exactly when your vouchers are being spent, thus being aware of the return on your investment. Roiward gives you the exclusive chance to get part of the non-redeemed vouchers’ money back, therefore getting back part of your investment that would otherwise be completely lost and the unique technology to live track how your investment is paying off. You get ROI they get Rewards. We are the only ones to give you the chance to get your money back from the non-redeemed vouchers and to offer you to choose travel and physical products directly from Amazon via API.

If you want to start the incentive marketing journey, you should have a strong platform and a qualified team to help you make the most out of it and get the highest return on investment. If you want to know more about why ROIWARD is the best choice and what we offer book a demo with us and let’s talk about it! We have the best platform, an amazing team, and the highest ROI!

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You get ROI they get Rewards.



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