In how many countries is ROIWARD available for campaigns?

You can currently run campaigns in Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.

In what type of currencies can I pay?

Currently you can carry out campaigns or transfers in dollars or euros. In case you want to use another currency, our system will make the necessary arrangements so that you can manage the currency exchange with a stipulated rate.

What categories of vouchers or reward cards exist?

From Roiward we offer you the possibility to choose products from our catalog, which is classified in:

  • Pet Store
  • Telecommunications
  • Optical Store
  • Book Store
  • Fast Food & Restaurants
  • Multibrand & Marketplaces
  • Home Furniture
  • Beauty Care
  • Childcare
  • Charity
  • Fashion
  • Drugstores & Healthcare
  • Electronics
  • Leisure
  • Petrol and Transport
  • Grocery Stores
  • Sport
  • Travel
  • Department Stores & Marketplaces

What kind of status do vouchers have? What does each one mean?

There are 4 types of voucher statuses:

  • sent: notification to the user that he/she has received the link with the voucher
  • blocked: after sending the vouchers, the voucher amount is blocked until it is redeemed or refunded.
  • redeemed: those vouchers that have been sent and redeemed
  • unredeemed: those vouchers that have been sent but not yet redeemed.

What types of campaigns can I create?

With Roiward you can create campaigns with different types of currencies and different types of suppliers. You have the possibility to choose 3 types of voucher orders (single send, bulk upload or bulk download).

Can I edit a campaign?

Roiward gives you the possibility to edit the budget of a campaign, as well as the name, country, voucher type, start and expiration dates in order to give you more flexibility and control over your investments.

What types of orders can I create and what does each one mean?

There are 3 types of orders when creating a campaign:

  • Single Send: The customer will send a voucher to an email, in which he/she can select the type of supplier, the template and the amount of the voucher.
  • Bulk Upload: The client will be able to make shipments from one or several suppliers in bulk by uploading a file with the suppliers’ codes and the amount of the vouchers.
  • Bulk Download: The customer can download one or more vouchers to send as a virtual card or link, customizing them according to supplier, amount and number of vouchers.

How can I view the status of my vouchers?

You can do this in the General Dashboard or in the Voucher Dashboard where you can check your campaign statistics.

Can I customize my voucher templates?

Yes, we give you the possibility to choose the colors and logo of your company to customize your customer's experience.

Can I programmatically integrate Roiward with my company?

Yes, with the integration token you will be able to join with our API programmatically. This allows you to use Roiward in any business process of our customers. It is used within the calls to our API (which is of REST type).

What happens if my campaign runs out of budget? How to load money into my campaign?

In case you run out of credit, you can recharge your account through bank transfers. You can do this from the "Financial Management" menu by clicking on "Transfer Recharge".

What types of users can I configure?

To give you more flexibility and control over your account, we give you the possibility to set up administrator users and other users with action restrictions.

How long do I have to wait for an unredeemed voucher to become a redeemed voucher?

When a voucher is sent to a user, it is blocked until the campaign expires. After this time 50% of the amount of unredeemed vouchers will be refunded to the customer.