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Free Flight

Free Flight is the gift of unique experiences!  Now you can surprise your customers with the possibility to travel to any destination on any date.

With Free Flight, your customers can enjoy the flexibility they need to travel according to their desires and needs. There are no limits on the choice of destination or date, which means they can make their travel dreams come true without worry. Don’t miss the opportunity to give your customers the freedom to travel with Free Flight!

FREE FLIGHT offers the best prices for connecting between thousands of destinations and maximizes return on investment.

🔍🛫 You can see the flexibility and speed with which the user can book their flight in the following steps 👇👇👇.

💻 This new product is now available and integrated with Roiward, so you should just select it as a new incentive for your campaigns.

The advantages of using this new product as an incentive to increase customer loyalty are:

💰 You can set the spending you want for each (round trip) ticket and the number of passengers.

🌍You can set the destinations or options for your customer (e.g. Europe)

💬 You can customize the email templates and redemption landing pages.

💵 You will recover the unused amount of the tickets. For example, if you’ve set a 100€ ticket and the customer only uses 60€, the rest will be returned to your account.

🛫 The customer will make the booking directly on your landing page, without the need to redirect to another page.

🎁 If you want to take a step to give disruptive incentives, this is your chance.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, and let’s talk about it together!

You get ROI, they get Rewards.

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